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About JAZ Catering

Jaz Solution is committed the best service with the most innovative and custom made plans which fall in your budget and meet your needs. We have the expertise to handle any type of contract in any industry, anywhere in Kingdom. With our professional team, we can ensure that your needs are executed to the best quality standards that you can expect from a market leader. Our Central Kitchen is based in Jeddah and is fully equipped for bulk and modern cooking using the HACCP guidelines for production and storage. The food is transported by temperature controlled calibrated vehicle.


Services we Provide

Thanks to our highly tailored and experienced Team, JAZ Solution proudly offers the following services: 

  • Catering for a multiple nationality clientele including Arabic, Western Filipino, Asian …etc.

  • Provision of Office Boys for beverage and refreshment services. 

  • Kitchen, Restaurant and laundry design. 

  • Maintenance & Operational support (Provide skilled & unskilled staff)  Procurement and
    installation of kitchen and Laundry equipment. 

  • Supply and commissioning of accommodation camps. 

  • Coffee shops and central bakeries. 

  • Supermarket and mini-market services. 

  • Housekeeping services. 

  • Laundry services.

Food Safety Policy 


  • JAZ Solution is responsible for all catering affairs, including the production, supply and service of food and has agreed and approved Food Safety Policy. 

  • JAZ Solution is committed to producing and supplying food that is safe and meets all professional requirements, so it shall ensure that all food supplied to our clients is produced to high standards of safety and wholesomeness, in accordance with good hygiene practice and the principles of HACCP. 

  • JAZ Solution shall provide adequate and appropriate resources (i.e. premises, facilities, equipment, protective clothing, staff, supervision, information, instruction and training) to assist in the implementation of the above.

  • It is the duty of all JAZ Solution’s catering staff and trainees concerned with the production, supply and service of food to work in a manner conducive to the above. 

  • JAZ Solution will ensure that this Policy is applied throughout all its places where a food business is operated and that all staff involved are aware of their responsibilities. 

  • JAZ Solution will ensure that this policy is reviewed regularly.

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